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November 14, 2020

working class

Just as Joe Biden declared victory in the recent presidential race, the GOP suddenly claimed itself to be the real party of the working class. Right-wingers—from the White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere to Breitbart News—highlighted Donald Trump's success in winning not just 48% of the popular vote but also the largest share of non-white voters of any Republican since 1960.


October 30, 2020


One does not have to be a leftist to know that neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden stand with the interests of the working people. When we ask workers who they prefer, the reply is often “Both are bad.” It is exactly with this sentiment that we call for participation in the coming election in order to break it. Our call is not to bolster one party over another—but rather to act and lay groundwork for the organizing necessary to win back all that has been dispossessed from working people.