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New York Times Dismayed by Immigrant Voters Shifting Red?

January 5, 2021 #Immigration #Decriminalization #Election

NYTimes and immigrant voters

Why is there a surge in the immigrant communities to vote for Trump? Among the liberals, some blame Dems for not spending enough money on outreach to them, while others blame Dems for poor messaging that fails to resonate with them. These views assume that the problem is lack of information: immigrants just don't know the “progressive values” of the Democrats.

In reality, the Democrats are just as happy as their Republican colleagues to fuel the divide of the working class by painting immigrants as happy slaves willing to endure bad working conditions for everyone else, and supporting criminalization of immigrants so that they don't have the right to organize. And now these liberals are just aghast that these immigrants “shifted red?”

Instead of feeling shocked, how about joining the call to stop dividing the working class by decriminalization and equal rights for all workers?

Unauthorized Immigrants Not Recognized?

December 2, 2020 #Immigration #Decriminalization #EqualRightsForAll

NYTimes and Trump and illegal immigration

Can't believe US has a problem of modern-day slavery? Read this. Trump tries to treat undocumented immigrants like nothing, not even 3/5 of a person like during chattel slavery!

Any answer from the liberals, besides extolling their hard work and feeling sorry for them? How about decriminalizing undocumented workers so that they can have equal rights to organize with their fellow workers?

“Higher Wages”, a Progressive Demand?

December 1, 2020 #WageIncrease #WageTheft #LongHours #Labor #Work

higher wages

NYT's “progressive” answer to counter tax cut is—higher wages. Why? Because higher pay leads to higher spending. This is NYT's appeal to the bosses: you could pay the workers a little more because, rest assured, the money will come back to you eventually and workers will think of you as a kind boss! Such a condescending thought that bosses can buy off workers cheaply to maintain profits... or say, “economic growth.” As working people, we of course do not object to wage increase. But the reality is:

  • rent and other costs of living are increasing even more
  • wage theft—bosses underpaying or not paying workers according to law—goes rampant
  • people are working longer hours these days but real income has stagnated or even decreased
  • Blacks and immigrants are criminalized, forced to work as cheap labor by the government to drive down working conditions for other workers.

As a result, we are poorer and more divided. Higher wages won't lead us to control of our labor and time. It ends up becoming a math game the rich plays to maintain exploitation. What we need is guaranteeing equal rights for all workers, enforcement of labor law to secure our pay and control of our working time so that our lives are not endlessly sucked into the profit-driven system that exploits all of us regardless of race, gender or immigration status.

BBC: Why Did Trump Gain Support Among Minorities?

November 23, 2020 #Immigration #Trump #Election

Immigrant Trump Voters

Right-wingers have an answer to immigration: pit Black workers against immigrant workers. What has been the response from the left? “Undocumented immigrants are human beings too?” “We should love them because they work low-paid jobs that Americans don't want to do?” Don't you see these answers actually legitimize criminalization and modern-day slavery?

These leftists should be ashamed for furthering the divisions among workers and pushing more workers to vote Trump. Unless we recognize the divisions imposed by the government that serves the interest of the super-rich, end criminalization of Black people and immigrants and fight for equal rights for all workers, we'll continue to get stuck in the divisive agenda proposed by both parties and let another Trump get in power.