About Us

We, workers in the US, are living in a time when finance capital dominates the world. We are seeing more wealth going to the top 1%; more deterioration of the living and working conditions for the majority of workers. We are facing stagnation in our wages; an increase in working hours for some, and unemployment for others; a wider practice of misclassifying and subcontracting aimed to circumvent labor laws; a heightened cost of living that starkly contrasts with the decrease in our real income; and more.

This writing collective aims to еngage other working people towаrds а dееpеr undеrstаnding of thе conditions challenging us today in our lives and our organizing with other workers. As the US remains the global bellwether for capitalism and imperialism, its ruling-class uses the polarized public discourse to further weaken our unity as a class and render us more susceptible to super-exploitation. We see the urgency to raise and unify our collective consciousness, develop strategies, and eventually win back control of our own lives. We begin by working across trade, race, gender, citizenship, and nationality; ending the compartmentalizing of interests that creates hostility and scapegoating among workers. We believe that once united, working people both abroad and domestically will have a fighting chance to liberate ourselves from our current conditions.

We want to hear from you. Criticisms, disagreements, agreements, experiences, collaborations all welcome. Email us.

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